Night Guard (Anti Grinding)

Grinding and clenching teeth at night is a common habit among a lot of patients. Signs and symptoms of clenching or grinding your teeth, is waking up with a headache, frequent earaches, sensitive teeth and fatigued jaw muscles. Your teeth will show clinical evidence of wear such as cracks, gum recession and flattened cusps from the heavy pressure being applied.

Grinding and clenching of the teeth can also worsen periodontal disease, cause bite problems or misalign the jaw joint. The flattened teeth can cause a concern for esthetics and change the appearance of your smile line as well as give a more aged appearance.

A night guard will protect your teeth from the heavy pressure of grinding and clenching as well as alleviate the pain. Alleviating these troubles will allow for a more restful sleep, less headaches and earaches, as well as relaxed muscles.

The night guard is made of plastic and comfortably fits over the teeth so you can wear the appliance over night for a restful night’s sleep.

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